• Roman Mysteries author Caroline Lawrence loves our Rome Map

    I LOVE the Adventure Walks Rome Map for kids! It makes me want to book a flight to Rome.  Fans of the Roman Mysteries will adore it.’

    We sent Caroline Lawrence, one of our favourite authors, a copy of our new Rome map and this is what she had to say about it :


    Ten Things Caroline Lawrence loves about the Adventure Walks Rome Map


    1. 20 different guided walks; a great way of getting to know Rome's art, history and culture.

    2. Lots of great lists of things to see & do.

    3. You can learn tons just by looking at it.

    4. Charming illustrations & a clear overview.

    5. The dozen best places to buy gelato

    6. Swiss guards will give you free tickets to see the Pope?

    7. The I SPY game includes Roman Centurion, Vespa and the Pope! lol.

     8. You can buy a Love Potion at Ai Monasteri?

    9. Lots of fun facts and useful info incl. days closed and times of opening)

    10. Ten great Away Days including my fave: Ostia Antica

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