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 "Becky Jones and Clare Lewis have cornered the market in curiosity-led London guides for children."    

Becky Jones and Clare Lewis have been writing about walks for children for the past seven years, driven by an urge to make sure their six children (between them) knew something about a good old fashioned childhood: climbing trees, getting muddy, building shelters, foraging for food, going on scavenger hunts, tracking and trail-finding, pressing wild flowers and identifying trees, reading stories and singing songs. They created Adventure Walks to inspire other families to get back to the simple things in life and do something together that's good for everyone: getting the family out for a good walk.


Family friendly walks are woven into adventures and given different themes to entice and inspire. The adventure walks explore children’s classic stories; characters from history; stories of myths and legends and the places that tap into children’s imaginations, with lots of enticements and suggestions of things to do along the way.  Adventure Walks provide a complete package for a good day out with the family: everything you need to know from how to get there, where to picnic, museums to see, and provide rainy day options, curious facts and recipes from the wild. The walks books are illustrated by children, tried and tested by children and enjoyed by children.

Experts on London, Becky and Clare have written The Bumper Book of London, a fun, fact-filled romp through London’s history for kids or anyone who loves facts and funny stories.  The second edition of the Bumper Book of London is out in July 2015.  They are currently producing a series of World City maps for families to explore: London, Paris, Rome and New York so far.

Becky and Clare are freelance journalists writing on London, walking and families have written for national newspapers and magazines including The Times, Radio Times, Families Magazine, Walk Magazine and Selvedge.

Clare is a former Managing Editor at Conde Nast and Becky is a former BBC producer/director of science and history documentaries.

Adventure Walks Map artist, Robert Littleford, first became interested in illustration when, at age 6, his parents gave him an illustrated encyclopaedia of the animal kingdom. He started to draw the illustrations from the book and developed a lifelong passion for drawing.  Later this progressed to studying illustration at the Royal College of Art under Quentin Blake.  

He has illustrated for many publications including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Vogue, Traveller, the San Francisco Chronicle, National Geographic and the Toronto Post.   

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