Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

CHITTY BANG BANG Turville, Buckinghamshire


This is the place where they filmed the children’s classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, complete with the windmill on the hill where Caractacus, Jemima, Jeremy and Grandpa Potts lived. The windmill is on the hill above the village and through a stretch of rolling green countryside less than forty-five minutes from West London.

Turville itself is a picture postcard village with a fabulous pub. It has been used for filming many times, including the Vicar of Dibley and Inspector Morse. Create an adventure, escaping to the top of the hill opposite the windmill. The paths take you through organic farmland owned by Turville Court Farm. There are wild flowers in abundance and poppies in the fields.

Sing the songs, tell stories of pirates, spies, castles and child catchers. Keep on the look out for the Vulgarian Baron Bombast and his child-hating wife. Watch out for flying cars.

Map Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 171 Distance 4 km / 2.5 miles

Terrain Rolling fields, clear paths, one mild
uphill at the start of the walk. The last stretch is gently downhill all the way.


Walk the Walk


1  Walk past the telephone box, towards the church, and take the 
left turning up the lane, past Sleepy Cottage and the village nursery school. The tarmac lane soon becomes a footpath shaded by trees.

2  Go through the gate at the open field and carry straight on for 90 m / 100 yards, before turning right through a wooden gate in the hedgerow. Follow a clear path up the hill through the open field, passing a conveniently placed resting bench at the top.

3  Look back at the view of the windmill behind you. Look out, too, for pairs of circling red kites as we are close to the area where these elegant birds were recently reintroduced to Britain. Head on to the gate at the very top. Walk straight on through the gate and along the hedgerow.

4  At the tarmac lane, follow the road left, past the big gates of Turville Court (the place to sing POSH). Then turn immediately left on to the marked footpath and into a field. Walk down, over the stile, heading straight through the field, steeply down to the bottom of the hill.

5 Cross over the lane and climb the stile opposite into the next field.

6 Head across this field in a perfectly straight line up to a five bar gate at the top. Climb over two stiles into an arable field, looking out for the views of the windmill to your left.

7 Halfway through this field, there is a fingerpost in the hedgerow pointing left. Bear left here, on a well-defined path cut through the wheat crop, towards some cottages.

8 Turn left on to a tarmac lane and past Southend Farm. You are now on the Chiltern Way, a well-marked footpath that takes you in a more or less straight line, downhill all the way back to Turville. Aim for the windmill directly ahead of you.

Once back in the village, it is worth popping up to the windmill to get a closer look, but it is a very steep climb. Bear in mind that it is on private land, on the other side of the fence. You get the best view of the windmill from the walk. But the views of the valley from the hillside are well worth the scramble.


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