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Clare Lewis and Becky Jones are every parent’s dream – their books are full of good ideas and common sense advice about memorable days out with kids. The best thing is that, as you get to know them through their books, you also know that you can trust these two absolutely to deliver something fun, entertaining, educational and achievable, a rare combination.        Peter Stanford, Journalist

Adventure Walks Paris Map

The Adventure Walks Paris Map offers 20 illustrated sightseeing walks in the French capital, from art gallery ambles to gourmet gambols

Tips of the Week, The Independent

a comprehensive series of walks to landmark sites, zooming up the Eiffel Tower and down the Champs-Elysees, en route identifying the best patisseries and parks, and where to buy the coolest ice creams and sorbets

Camden New Journal

This is a lovely way for children to get to know the beautiful city of Paris and it would make an excellent companion to a conventional guidebook when you are planning your trip to Paris.  One side features the map, packed with interesting images. On the back are four smaller maps plus a series of useful listings including 'Thrilling things to do' and 'Scrumptious treats'. Perfect for each child to tuck into their bag before exploring.                

Parents in Touch 


Adventure Walks London Map

Top marks go to the enchanting Adventure Walks London Map. It's wonderfully child friendly and colourful, and not only lists the best sightseeing walks, but also includes where to buy the coolest ice-creams, sweetest sweets and crispest chips.

Conde Nast Traveler 


For those with young whippersnappers in need of half term escapades, a new London map with child-friendly advice would be a good investment. The Adventure Walks London Map sets out the best museums, city farms, sweet shops, ice cream parlours and other diversions to keep your kid (and hopefully you) entertained    


I’m really impressed by how much detailed information the authors have managed to squeeze onto this map without making it seem too crowded.  I also love the sense of wonder and (re)discovery inspired every time we unfold the map.     

Babes About Town


The Bumper Book of London

This colourful, breezy book about England's capital city is bursting with facts: 53 countries are smaller than London. Hampstead has London's highest point – 440 feet – and deepest tube station at 192 feet below ground. And, in the voice of Michael Caine perhaps, did you know that the first free public library in London was at St Martin-in-the-Fields Church in Trafalgar Square?

The Daily Telegraph


It's a book that will be lapped up by anyone with an inquisitive mind. Like Lego and Haribo sweets, you might buy the Bumper Book of London for your kids, but you'll soon be clawing it off them.' 

The Londonist


Despite being yet another addition to the jostling ranks of books on London, The Bumper Book of London is a refreshing, funny and accessible little book,halfway between a history book and a travel guide. Unlike weightier tomes with theme-based chapters, which can be a pain for children interested in a particular era, the book tackles London in chronological order, from the Romans to the present. Whilst not being as deliciously ghastly as the Horrible History series it’s actually (dare I whisper it?...) far more useful, with general facts as well as the sections of engaging trivia such as plague remedies and what children were instructed to pack before being evacuated. The imaginative 'London's Best' section at the back is invaluable for those who've exhausted the usual run-of-the-mill activities.      

Families Southwest

'The perfect book to provide all the information needed by any visitor to London for the Olympics - or at any other time. Living up to its claim, this book is crammed full of fascinating information about every aspect of life in the capital today and how it links to the great city of the past.' 

Love Reading for Kids 


'The Bumper Book of London is the perfect companion for your adventures. Packed with exciting ideas for days out and fascinating facts, this book has enough in it to keep you busy all spring and all summer.' 

The Golden Treasury


With a sharply honed instinct for what engages children, they have picked out the golden nuggets of London's colourful story and dished it  up in a witty, compelling and easily digestible style

Parents' Directory

The Bumper Book of London crams in nearly 300 pages of London fun and fact that will charm you to the eyebrows



An excellent book for any lover of trivia. Broadly arranged by history, you will learn about art, architecture, landmarks, hidden places, ghosts, pearly kings and queens, festivals, street names, games, traditions, football teams and much much get yourself a copy of this book.

Parents in Touch


London Adventure Walks

A little imagination is all it takes to get your kids off the sofa.

The Times


This little book could open the door to adventure, make history come alive and excite the vital curiosity and imagination of today's TV-obsessed children

Camden New Journal

A must-have for families in and around London, or anyone thinking of visiting the capital with children

Keren David, author

Each walk is accompanied by clear, step-by-step instructions of where to go, as well as the interesting sights and landmarks along the way

Daily Telegraph

This is exactly the sort of book that I would have loved to have when growing up in London. I am delighted to be able to use it with my own children, and discover parts of the capital that I never knew existed

Families Magazine


Adventure Walks for Families

It's day-tripping season - but where to go? Becky Jones and Clare Lewis have done all the hard work for you, bar packing the picnic. This great pocket-size book doesn't just point you in the direction; it's packed with ideas for pit stops, activities to enjoy while you're out and about and story tapes to take along for the journey.

TimeOut Kids Book of the Week, 2008

A walking scheme so wily that it should get even the most lumpen child of its sulky bottom

Daily Telegraph

We love this new book… it is filled with ideas for keeping children amused   

 Daily Express

I love this pocket sized book and think it is a great way of packaging 'the family walk'. The authors have injected good old-fashioned fun and adventure into all of their suggested walks 

Families Magazine


There should be such a little book of wonders for every major city in the land - a godsend for parents battling to get the Wellingtons on a pair of crossly kicking little feet as the familiar mantra trickles out tearfully once more: "I - hate - walking! It's - BOR - ing!" Not no more, it ain't

WALK Magazine


It's an absolute treasure trove for parents and children. Not just great walks, but songs, food, fascinating facts and fun things to do

Camden New Journal




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