The Bumper Book of London

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The Bumper Book of London
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New Updated Edition.

This entertaining bumper book includes countless facts, figures, statistics and little known secrets of London, written to appeal to children. Mixing history with literature, listings with trivia, it opens windows on all areas of London's rich past and present. Here children will learn about London's art and architecture, landmarks, hidden places, ghosts, pearly kings and queens, festivals, street names, games, traditions, markets, football teams, and much, much more.

Discover the oldest, the tallest, the silliest, the scariest and the smallest things in London. Shop till you drop at the Queen's favourite stores. Delve into London's murky past, see where notorious criminals were hanged, drawn and quartered, pirates were strung out to rot, heads were mounted on spikes and prisoners were tortured. Peer down London's oldest loo, chant with the crowds at London's first football club, and walk under the River Thames without getting wet.

  • A fun fact-filled miscellany of London
  • A rip-roaring romp through London’s history from Roman times to present day and everything inbetween
  • Museums and galleries listings
  • Kings and Queens
  • Power and Politics
  • Sport in London
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Secret London
  • Best London festivals and parades
  • Best Free things to see and do 
  • Best Places to eat


Reviews of The Bumper Book of London

'With a sharply honed instinct for what engages children they have picked out the golden nuggets of London’s colourful story and dished it up in a witty, compelling and easily digestible style.' - Parent's Directory

(Parent's Directory Parent's Directory)

Crams in nearly 300 pages of London fun and fact that will charm you to the eyebrows. .... Like LEGO and Haribo sweets, you might buy the Bumper Book of London for your kids, but you’ll soon be clawing it off them

(The Londonist)

A medley of marvellous facts, mind boggling figures and tantalising trivia for fact hungry children and grown ups.

(Primary times (South, South East and East London editions))

Packed to the brim with fascinating facts, recipes, sayings and more. The Bumper Book of London has the capital covered.

(Where London)

Packed with so much information that it challenges you to take a closer look at London - and truly enjoy yourself. Open it at any page and you will discover something you never knew before, something you want to go and see in your own capital that you thought you knew so well.

(Camden New Journal)

A child-centred history of the capital, which encourages children to 'eat their way around the world in London', mudlark for treasure on the Thames, snoop in famous houses and clamber aboard ships.

(Waitrose Weekend)

London is the most brilliant place for children, and if you're looking for ideas about where to go, The Bumper Boko of London is the perfect guide.

(House with No Name)

Positively bristling with facts about London.       (School Librarian)

The cover tells us that this book has 'Everything you need to know about
London and more...' An ambitious claim, but this book does pack in an enormous
amount of information. The best thing is that much of it is unusual - this
certainly isn't your ordinary guide book. It's a fascinating read and a great
book to dip into and learn some fascinating facts to fascinate your friends and
family - it's an excellent book for any lover of trivia. Broadly arranged by
history, you will learn about art and architecture, landmarks, hidden places,
ghosts, pearly kings and queens, festivals, street names, games, traditions,
markets, football teams, and much, much more. On just one two page spread, there
is London lingo, Georgian houses, Georgian secrets, a poem and a recipe - I can
only give a small flavour of the contents here - but do get yourself a copy of
this book! - Parents in Touch

(Parents in Touch)


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